Health Food Society of Taiwan:Introduction

Posted by:Editor On 2020-03-04

     Our organization gathers scholars and experts in the fields of food, nutrition, medicine, pharmacy and other fields to work together on the foundational and applied research of the safety, toxicology and health effects of health foods, and proactively guides health food industry players to understand correctly, so as to make industry, government, academia and research departments to give attention to the heath food industry and to develope health food with real health care effects in order to promote the overall health of the people domestically and around the world.

     Our organization’s mission:  Conduct research on the physiological functions of health food through rigorous scientific methods.  Promote the development of high-quality health foods and research on their functionality.  Host health food related seminars with combined comprehensive information on academic, regulatory, management and marketing information on health food in Taiwan and overseas. Participate in domestic and foreign health food related conferences, maintain contact with relevant domestic and foreign institutions and experts in order to facilitate academic and technical exchanges. 

     Our society mainly consists of members with professional academic background in heath food to serve people with relevant work nature.  Services include sending out regular member newsletters, providing members with information on health food news, regulations, seminars and conferences, etc.  We hope that all members can actively participate in various activities organized by our society, and we also look forward to providing relevant information at any time to maximize the function of member newsletters.