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Posted by:Editor On 2020-04-17

Enrollment Procedure :

1.  Download membership application form according to the membership category you want to join (such as group membership, professional membership, etc.) 


2.  Complete the application form and fax or mail it together with relevant supporting documents to us.   

3.  We will receive the membership application and related documents and sent them to the board of directors meeting for review and approval.  Those who have obtained membership qualifications will be notified to pay the membership fee.  


4. New members are asked to fax the receipt back to us after remittance.  When faxing, please be sure to indicate your name, payment item and payment year.  

5.  Except for group members, all receipts issued by our organization will be issued in the name of the individual who joins the membership. 


About Membership Fee :

Membership Enrollment Fee:  200 NTD (paid by first- time members) 

Annual Membership:  


Membership Prerequisites


1. Professional Membership 

Anyone who agrees with the purpose of Health Food Society and has graduated from a domestic or foreign college or above, majoring in food, nutrition, medicine, pharmacy or nursing and other related subjects, departments, or institutes, and is over 20 years old with Republic of China (R.O.C) nationality.   

500 NTD.

2. Group Membership

Any public or private institution or group that agrees with the purpose of this association and is engaged in research, production, sales related to health food. Group members should nominate a representative who meets the conditions of professional membership to exercise membership rights. Classified organizations of our organization should join this organization as group members. 

10000 NTD. 

3. Patron Membership 

Individuals who sponsor the works of our organization. 

700 NTD above.

4. Student Membership

All current students in food, nutrition, medicine, pharmacy or nursing related majors, departments and institutes.

300 NTD. 

Payment Information

Postal Transfer Account Name :

Taiwan Health Food Society, Min-Hsiung Pan 

台灣保健食品學會 潘敏雄


Postal Transfer Account Number :50429394

Fax:  (02) 3366 1771

 Mailing Address:

Institute of Food Science and Technology, Ro 408 

No. 1 Roosevelt Rd., Section 4, Da’an District, Taipei City 106 (臺北市大安區羅斯福路四段一號食品科技館408室 )


Contact information 聯絡資訊:

Contact Person:  Ms. Peng 聯絡人:彭小姐

Tel: (02) 3366 9489


Membership Enrollment Information