Annual Meeting Information:2024 Taiwan Health Food Society Annual Conference and International Academic Symposium

Posted by:Editor On 2024-03-10

International Seminar on Future Prospects of Precision Health Food

Diseases have become increasingly diversified in recent years. According to the symptoms of infected people of various age groups, the average wide range of health supplements for disease prevention no longer meet the current preventative nutrition needs of our consumers. Therefore, the current development of the health supplement industry should be adjusted to meet the changing demands of this generation.  Such needs are not only to develop further new materials, identifying their efficacy in order to enhance health supplement products, but also to introduce precision medicine, which can be accurately applied to the development of personalized precision health supplements through the assistance of big data analysis, large data and AI.  This approach enables preventive nutrition care to be more precise.

In recent years, average consumers have paid more attention to health supplements than ever. They no longer regard keeping fit and healthy, the concept of “yangsheng”, as a patent for elderly people or an occasional supplement for office workers. Therefore, preventive health supplements will play an important role. The health food industry is the foundation for developing preventative precision nutrition.  

The main purpose and hope for promoting “Precision Health Food” is that by finding new materials or improving the functional properties of original materials through different extraction or processing methods, we can increase the nutritional value of health supplements to achieve precise and customized goals, not only for elderly people, but also for infants, adolescents, mothers and infants during pregnancy, and even for specific groups with high risk and chronic diseases.   Under the premise that prevention is more important than treatment, our goal is to provide diversified health supplements for trends of developmental precision care and protection for the people of this country.

In addition to focusing on academic development of features, it is also crucial to pay attention to industry-university cooperation in order to further guide the research and certification system towards certifying various health supplements, strengthening enterprise training, professional research and R&D talents, balancing both academic and industrial ends.  

Therefore, this annual conference will be co-organized by Taiwan Health Food Society and the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology.  An international seminar on "Future Prospects of Precision Health Food” will be held. Participants will include domestic and foreign experts and scholars from food, health care, nutrition, medicine and other related fields. Through lectures and poster thesis presentations, the conference aims to advance academic exchanges and research data sharing among domestic and foreign scholars; therefore, advancing towards a new prospect for the green health supplement industry in Taiwan, facilitating the health care and economic benefits of the people.  At the same time, promoting health field research and development for entering the global markets.  





2024 Taiwan Health Food Society Annual Conference and International Academic Symposium